‘The most interesting session of art I have been to’

The Justlife Into Art Group finished this week following a nine week period of creating, experimenting and have fun with different art styles. The group has been popular from the start, meeting each week at One Church Brighton. Facilitated by Sarah Bennett the art group has been introduced to a huge variety of artistic techniques, styles and artists, which they seem to have greatly enjoyed!

The group have produced an amazing amount of artwork and have already had two exhibitions attended by other Justlife service users and members of the public. You can see some of this art on our Instagram page. One of the attendees described Into Art as: ‘The most interesting session of art I have been to because Sarah looks at every aspect of it. I thinks its a great session that people enjoy so much!”

We love providing opportunities for people to make art as part of their recovery, to help them sell their work or just to have fun. The Justlife Art Collective also continues to move forward and more updates for that will follow soon.