The Creative Studio provides opportunities for those who are homeless to learn new skills and reignite old ones through peer support, workshops and studio space. The aim is to bring homeless artists together with local artists to improve self-expression, create a positive identity, improve public perceptions around homelessness, increase wellbeing and for greater social inclusion.

The studio provides a space with resources and support for people experiencing homelessness. The studio is run as a ‘collective’, with input from the beneficiaries into how it is run, including delivering workshops & volunteering. It provides an opportunity to be part of a creative community that brings some ‘humanness’ back into their lives.

We opened the studio in February 2018 and are open 5 days a week, split between use as a creative studio space and for specific workshops. Click here for this months timetable. Workshops are run by local artists and/or the beneficiaries, enhancing their confidence and leadership skills.

We work closely with local homeless organisations to ensure we are reaching the beneficiaries as collaboration is a key value for us. If you would like to refer someone to the studio then click here for full details.

Please get in touch with Stacey if you’d like to get involved as an Artist or you are able to volunteer as a Studio Friend.

Contact: / 07843 192499