UTAG: Network


The Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Group Network (UTAG:N) has been created by Justlife Foundation to ensure those living in unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) find their time to be as short, safe and healthy as possible. This national network is made up of place-based groups of individuals and organisations across England who work together to improve the lives of hidden homeless in UTA in their local area, while also sharing learning, practice and data on a national scale.

The network is based on our belief that a joint focus on both local and national action will bring lasting impact in this area. In the short term by firmly placing well resourced and fit for purpose UTA into mainstream plans and strategies to end homelessness and in the long term, we hope there will no longer be a need for UTA within the sector at all.


We know that every time we do not act, another person suffers in UTA. They suffer with deteriorating mental and physical health, become victims of crime, lose control of their own life, drop off the bottom rung of the housing ladder or die prematurely.

Those who live in unsupported temporary accommodation are largely ignored  – either because their existence is denied, we are frozen by the gravity of need and lack of resource or because we do not have enough ‘evidence’ of what it is really like to live in unsupported temporary accommodation.

We believe this unacceptable situation can only be solved through the strength of partnerships and collaboration across sectors.

HOW? – Our Goal & Principles

The UTAG:N is composed of local temporary accommodation action groups (TAAGs) committed to reaching the network’s goal, by adhering to the following principles:

Equal Collaboration – Members agree to work equally together to address issues, solve problems, act wisely and celebrate victories. All members are equally valid and contributions heard with empathy and openness.

Equal Inclusion – Every member’s contribution in both the national network and local action groups is of equal importance and value, whether they are currently homeless in UTA, working for local authorities, or private landlords

Relational – The Network and local temporary accommodation action groups are built on positive relationships between members at both a local and national scale.

Learning – The Network and local temporary accommodation action groups are committed to learning about UTA, reflecting on their activities and innovating for change. As well as sharing their learning locally (through locally relevant groups) or nationally (through the work of the wider Network.

Solution Focused  – We are all committed to test new ideas to address current challenges, but are equally committed to NOT lay blame, but work equally with all stakeholders to achieve success

If we do not adhere to these principles and work to build trust across sectors and experiences we run the risk of re-packaging ineffective solutions that are not working for those stuck living in UTA.


To delve deeper into the network, TAAGs and how to be involved – click here to get to our resources page.