Putting pen to paper to create poems

In the daily drop-in’s we found that clients were enjoying reading poetry, specifically around bereavment, addiction and problems in life. Over recent weeks we have developed workshop opportunities, led by volunteer Toni, for them to express their thoughts and feelings through poetry.

The intention is to compile the work into a book, which we hope will be with you later this year.

Here are a couple of poems from today’s workshop:





To wake up in the morning is to complete the things I used to long for, the things I wanted to do.

It’s a good day, a good start, better than yesterdays.

To be where I wanted to be, in that place I have fought to see.

Everyday i strive to achieve the goal I put before me.

My plan with pen to paper is to practice my actions, move forward in my recovery, in my life and in my will.

This… for my favourable outcome, my battle won!

And… to conquer myself, for more to follow.

By Ozz V



The reason I go to Justlife is there are always plenty of things to do,

You can always drop in for a friendly chat and a brew.

The staff help you with job hunting and offer you housing advice that’s best,

I also have one-2-ones with staff and they help me get things off my chest.

There is plenty of new activities from cooking to art,

And, on Wednesday mornings I can always come to SMART.

By Sarah L