Justlife at Home, Manchester (this project has now ended)

Justlife at Home is a project providing sustainable private tenancies for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Manchester. We work with people who are looking for accommodation in the private rented sector and live on a low wage or benefits. We work with landlords looking to fill properties in the Manchester area. Justlife at Home is funded by Crisis, Tudor Trust and several small trusts.…

Who can we help?

Eligibility criteria for Justlife at Home: Individuals in non-priority need, who are single and are predominantly living in temporary B&B accommodation, have a history of homelessness or have recently become homeless.

If you would like to refer someone to the project please download and complete the ‘Essential Criteria’ and ‘Assessment Form’. Please return the forms to Nigel Fyles, the Justlife at Home Project Manager.

Essential Criteria (Click here)
Assessment Form (Click here)

What support do we provide to tenants?

We provide support for tenants which ensures stable tenancies:

  • Ensure tenant understands responsibilities
  • The provision of intensive set-up home support for tenants where necessary
  • Providing ongoing support for tenants with additional needs

Click here to download a leaflet for prospective tenants.

How can we help landlords?

Justlife at Home is a FREE service for Landlords. We aim to help those in housing need, and provide business for private landlords in order to meet this need. There are no fees and no ongoing costs. We will:

  • Ensure your rent is paid
  • Support tenants in their tenancies
  • Filling an empty property for FREE
  • Sustaining a property for a minimum of 6 months
  • Bond guarantee and deposit can be requested (Letwise)
  • Ensure housing benefit claim is submitted and relevant paperwork is in place
  • Direct housing benefit payment to landlords
  • Named contact in case of problems
  • Provide landlords with any support required

Click here to download a leaflet for prospective landlords.

What do we ask of landlords?

Justlife at Home provides substantial support to landlords. We work with landlords who…

  • Meet the Justlife at Home standards for property fitness and safety
  • Let to people receiving benefits or on a low income
  • Are willing to work with Justlife at Home in trying to resolve any issues
  • Will inform Justlife at Home staff before taking any action to bring a tenancy to an end

Key working

Project workers make regular referrals enabling people to move on from temporary to more permanent or supported accommodation. A key role within this is to support people with the difficult transition and ensure other issues are being addressed alongside housing.


If you would like more information or to discuss Justlife at Home in more detail please contact:
Nigel Fyles: Justlife at Home Manager
Iesha Harvey-Chapman: Housing Project Assistant

Click here for contact details and location.

For further information about key working please contact the Justlife Centre (Manchester). Click here for contact details and location.