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Social Connection

Building resilience, independence and stronger community ties


Building resilience, independence and stronger community ties

What is the Social Connection project?

This project involves pairing an individual who is moving away from homelessness with a volunteer who, over the course of 3-6 months, helps them overcome social barriers and build stronger links with their community.

Volunteers and beneficiaries meet 1-to-1 on a regular basis to discuss how they want to use their time with the volunteer and formulate a plan to address them. Our aim is to empower beneficiaries to take control of their lives, improve their confidence and self-esteem, and take advantage of the opportunities around them. We do this by:

- Identifying their strengths and interests
- Encouraging them to engage in local activities
- Helping them build healthy relationships with others
- Giving them the tools to be independent

The difference Social Connection makes for people moving away from homelessness

Even when individuals find themselves in more secure accommodation, the isolation and social barriers that existed when they were homeless can persist long after they’ve been rehomed. For those that have been homeless for a long time, adjusting to life in a new home can be challenging, so it’s important to continue supporting people as they acclimatise to a new way of living.

Community-focused, relationship-building projects such as Social Connection decrease the risk of people returning to homelessness by addressing the barriers they face to living a healthy, stable and safe lifestyle. Our outcomes include:

  1. Improved community engagement
  2. Improved wellbeing
  3. Development of a support network
  4. Establishment of meaningful connections and relationships

Our impact


Mental Health

76 clients / professionals identified an improvement in physical or mental health, and 25 identified an improvement in their substance misuse.


Health appointments

physical / mental health appointments were arranged or attended by a health engagement worker.


Hospital visits

In Brighton, we've provided health engagement work to over 700 people, resulting in a 33% reduction in unplanned hospital admissions and a 47% reduction in hospital readmission rates.



63 of our Brighton clients reported an improvement in their motivation to take responsibility for themselves going forward.

Our impact

My volunteer helps me talk about my panic attacks, she listens to me, and is understanding, we talk about ideas which might help me.

Social Connection beneficiary

I’m not on my own, somebody cares enough to call me.

Social Connection beneficiary