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Unsupported Temporary Accommodation: Housing for single homeless households in Greater Manchester

First published on July 2021

This report sheds new light on the scale and context of Unsupported Temporary Accommodation across Greater Manchester to acknowledge its existence and explore steps to address the challenges it raises.

Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (UTA) is private, short-stay accommodation in which households do not have permanent residency status and have limited access to local authority support to find settled accommodation.

Most residents of UTA are not considered homeless, but UTA residents have very few rights to reside in the property and little to no protection from eviction. It is this lack of tenure and security that makes them homeless.

This report includes:

  • Mapping the number of UTA across Greater Manchester
  • An analysis of the population and demographics found in UTA
  • Resident experience and wellbeing while living in UTA
  • Recommendations for improving UTA across Greater Manchester