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Are Temporary Accommodation Boards feasible?

First published on June 2018

This short report presents the findings of a project whose aim was to test and evaluate Temporary Accommodation Boards (TABs) as a vehicle for developing solutions for unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) in London.

TABs are the main recommendation of research published by Justlife and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) North into how UTA affected the health and wellbeing of residents. The research uncovered a bleak reality facing most residents of UTA in which households would be placed for an unknown and unspecified amount of time, and where over 50% reported no working locks on their doors. The lack of safety and poor conditions in the accommodation fed into deteriorating mental and physical health of residents stuck in UTA.

TABs were recommended as a solution to these challenges, suggesting that cross- sector collaborative working was central to addressing any existing issues within this accommodation. TABs have proven successful in Brighton and Manchester. However, the more complex nature of homelessness and temporary accommodation in London creates an environment unique to anywhere else in the country.

This report explores the background of TABs, summarises the specific London context, and the findings of the Hackney case study and finally, presents recommendations developed as a result of our learning.