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Research & Policy

The Research & Policy team are the innovation and systems-change arm of Justlife, who work to drive long-term, national change in the housing and homelessness sector. Our reports draw from the real-life experiences of temporary accommodation residents, lifting the lid on a side of homelessness that's often underrepresented in mainstream discourse, and offering solutions to improve the lives of not just the people we work with, but all those experiencing hidden homelessness across the country.

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Greater Manchester

The Justlife Centre

Providing a safe space and support for Unsupported Temporary Accommodation residents across Greater Manchester to address their health, housing and wellbeing needs

Targeted Referrals

Ensuring that newly-released National Probation Service clients receive support throughout their stay in temporary accommodation

Mobile Justlife

Enabling more residents to access our support by taking our services to their doorsteps

Manchester Temporary Accommodation Action Group

We bring together all of the key temporary accommodation stakeholders in the city to improve the lives of the hidden homeless population


Publications & Reports About Hidden Homelessness

Influencing national policy change through our research and recommendations

Temporary Accommodation Action Groups

We bring together key temporary accommodation stakeholders to lift standards and improve the lives of residents

TA All Party Parliamentary Group

A cross-party group of MPs and Members of the House of Lords working to improve the health, lives and experiences of families and single adults living in temporary accommodation