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The Justlife Centre in Openshaw, Manchester

Delivering person-centred, specialist support to people experiencing homelessness in Manchester


Delivering person-centred, specialist support to people experiencing homelessness in Manchester

Health and housing support for homeless people living in temporary accommodation in Manchester

In Manchester, we work exclusively with UTA residents living in B&Bs, hostels and houses of multiple occupation (houses rented by at least 3 people who are not from the same household, for example a family).

We offer drop-in appointments at our centre in Openshaw, where people can access housing and benefits advice, support with troubleshooting tenancy issues, and referrals to skills-building activities. Residents can also access our support at their door steps during our weekly outreach sessions to unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) across Manchester.

At times, we use community centres such as Brunswick Parish Church and Levenshulme Inspire Community Centre to run ‘pop-up Justlife drop-ins’ closer to UTA properties. This saves people from having to travel to Openshaw, and enables them to meet with Justlife staff in local centres which they are more familiar with.

Our on-site group activities programme has paused due to covid restrictions and the small size and poor layout of our drop-in space. We are actively and urgently fundraising in order to implement some re-development plans which will overcome these issues.

Our support services for people living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation

People in need of ongoing support are assigned two main key workers who’ll work with them to identify the areas that need addressing and come up with an action plan.

This could involve:

  • Troubleshooting housing issues
  • Seeking and securing new housing options
  • GP registrations
  • Accompanying them to health or benefits appointments
  • Referring them for other specialist support

Once a new home has been secured, we help them move in and find furniture and essential appliances, continuing to support them as they settle in.

Our approach to supporting homeless people in Manchester

Everything we do is centred around giving residents of Unsupported Temporary Accommodation the best possible chance of moving away from homelessness. We adopt a Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) approach to ensure that our services recognise the impact of trauma on the people we work with, and to prevent them from feeling re-traumatised while accessing our support.

Our work falls into four main areas to facilitate their transition into a stable home:

  • Health and wellbeing - Addressing medical needs
  • Housing - Sourcing stable housing
  • Connection - Connecting with relevant professional services
  • Voice - Speaking up about and challenging their living situation

Our impact so far


Mental Health

76 clients / professionals identified an improvement in physical or mental health, and 25 identified an improvement in their substance misuse.


Health appointments

physical / mental health appointments were arranged or attended by a health engagement worker.


Hospital visits

In Brighton, we've provided health engagement work to over 700 people, resulting in a 33% reduction in unplanned hospital admissions and a 47% reduction in hospital readmission rates.



63 of our Brighton clients reported an improvement in their motivation to take responsibility for themselves going forward.

Our impact so far


people supported

In 2020, Justlife’s centre has supported a total of 106 people through a range of vital services including one-to-one support, mentoring, workshops and referrals.


housing actions

Over 860 housing actions have been taken on behalf different clients, including help with bidding on properties, moving in, and furnishing accommodation.