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Frontline Network

Bringing people who work in the homelessness sector together


Bringing people who work in the homelessness sector together

Empowering frontline workers to share their experiences, energy and ideas

Our Frontline Network gives workers a space to share their learnings, experiences and expertise. The aim is to build relationships, share best practice, develop solutions, and communicate the views of frontline workers. We coordinate and host regular meetups for those working in the homelessness sector in Brighton & Hove, and are part of a national network organised by St.Martin in the Fields.

Through workshops, discussions and resource sharing, these meetups give peers a platform to work through the key issues affecting them and the people they support, and a way to connect with the wider community of organisations tackling homelessness.

The organisations within this network all address different aspects of homelessness within Brighton & Hove, but we all work towards a shared vision to end homelessness, and solve the many local problems that need collective solutions.

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How our frontline network supports homelessness workers

Frontline workers help those experiencing homelessness overcome the structural and practical barriers they face when it comes to preventing rough sleeping and securing stable accommodation. From specialist advice services to health care engagement work, frontline workers provide invaluable support to vulnerable people. Our frontline network provides support to the workers themselves.

The Brighton & Hove Frontline Network exists to facilitate collaboration between those working with the homeless in order to promote their wellbeing, and gain valuable insights that feed into the work to end rough sleeping.

By forging positive relationships across the sector, consolidating our knowledge, and working through the barriers to our success together, we can deliver more value to those who need our help, while ensuring staff are taken care of.

The impact of our frontline network


Mental Health

76 clients / professionals identified an improvement in physical or mental health, and 25 identified an improvement in their substance misuse.


Health appointments

physical / mental health appointments were arranged or attended by a health engagement worker.


Hospital visits

In Brighton, we've provided health engagement work to over 700 people, resulting in a 33% reduction in unplanned hospital admissions and a 47% reduction in hospital readmission rates.



63 of our Brighton clients reported an improvement in their motivation to take responsibility for themselves going forward.

The impact of our frontline network


Better sector partnerships between workers to drive improved, and more joined up support for people experiencing homelessness in the city


Upskilling the sector with skills and knowledge to enable a flexible approach to delivering services to those with multiple and complex needs


Exploring frontline worker led approaches to homelessness


Enabling frontline workers to have a voice and input into strategic decisions being made by the local authority


Supporting the wellbeing of frontline workers while they face the challenges of today’s support and accommodation environment

I have found largely that what is working well is human relationships. We are working within systems that are not clear, difficult to use and it is the power of human relationships that enables us to work collaboratively with our clients

- Frontline worker

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