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Creative Studio

A creative space for people moving away from homelessness


A creative space for people moving away from homelessness

What is the Creative Studio?

Justlife’s Creative Studio is a collective of Brighton-based artists who have experienced homelessness. The group explores a variety of creative mediums such as painting, poetry, photography and writing. The studio provides an open space for people to have fun and try a range of new skills depending on their interests.

Coming to the studio has changed my life. I've achieved things I never thought I could. I have been sober for the longest time in years. And it's not only Justlife who have helped make that possible, but the people who come here... They are a huge inspiration to me.

Creative Studio participant

Who we work with

Anyone can refer themselves or be referred to us. We welcome anyone who has experienced, or is moving away from homelessness, for example people living in temporary / supported accommodation or people with more stable housing. No art or creative experience is necessary.

Once spaces have been filled, the group will remain closed, but there will be a waiting list for people who wish to join should a space become available. Members are welcome to stay in the group for up to one year and agree to commit to attend regularly.

Group aims

  • Have fun
  • Build confidence
  • Make connections
  • Provide peer support
  • Overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Learn artistic skills

All my inspiration came from Justlife, it gave me hope. I thought my work was no good, but now I know I can draw. Coming to Justlife reminded me of what I can do and what I can enjoy. I didn't know I had a creative talent until I found it at Justlife. Living in emergency accommodation, the studio keeps me grounded.

Creative Studio participant

How it works

The group is facilitated by Justlife’s Creative Studio Coordinator, but is run by its members. Studio members are encouraged to explore their interests, shape the direction of the group, and make meaningful connections.

The studio will decide what art forms they’d like to explore as a group and workshops will be organised accordingly. Artists are welcome to facilitate sessions themselves if they are interested and occasionally guest artists with a particular skill come to host one off workshops.