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Services and projects

What we do

We provide one-to-one healthcare, housing and wellbeing support for people living in temporary accommodation. Although they have a roof over their head, the people we work with are homeless, and need professional support to improve their chances of moving away from homelessness. Without support, many are at risk of falling into rough sleeping or worse.

Brighton & Hove

Health Engagement Work

Helping people experiencing homelessness take care of their mental and physical health

Social Connection

Addressing loneliness and isolation through befriending relationships, social activities and peer support

Frontline Network

Supporting people working in the homelessness sector in Brighton & Hove

Common Ambition

Coproducing improvements to the homeless health care system alongside people with lived experience

Greater Manchester

Manchester Specialist Support Service

1-1 support for people living in unsupported temporary accommodation

Targeted Referrals

Ensuring people who leave prison homeless receive support throughout their stay in temporary accommodation

Social Connection

Addressing loneliness and isolation through befriending relationships and wellbeing activities


Publications & Reports About Hidden Homelessness

Influencing national policy change through our research and recommendations

Temporary Accommodation Action Groups

Bringing together temporary accommodation stakeholders to drive local changes

TA All Party Parliamentary Group

A cross-party group of MPs working to improve the health, lives and experiences of families and single adults living in temporary accommodation