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Our impact

Working primarily with individuals experiencing hidden homelessness, Justlife gives hope to those who often face homelessness alone. By addressing health, housing and wellbeing needs, we've helped people move away from homelessness for good.

In numbers

Since 2012, we have supported 2200 people experiencing homelessness.

Since March 2020, we’ve delivered over 10,000 meals to people living in hotels or B&Bs with no cooking facilities.

Since 2016, we have taken 6524 housing actions to help people find suitable housing.


If Justlife didn't exist there would be an immediate worsening of the situation in Brighton. There would be more evictions, more people on the streets, less effective move on, less follow up with GP and hospital appointments. This would result in more 999 call outs, more A&E attendances and more deaths.

Arch Healthcare

From the beginning of the journey, Sara helped me while I was living in emergency accommodation, visiting me once a week. She gave me a beacon of hope because she’s a normal person and we spoke about normal stuff. She helped me get a birth certificate, benefits, and brought me food. It felt like I was talking to a friend not a worker...She was an integral part of my recovery.

Sarah, Justlife client

Our theory of change

Justlife has developed a Theory of Change model to help us identify the impact we want to have, the changes we hope to see and the work we will deliver to achieve that. It guides us when designing and evaluating our services.