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The impact of our activities and workshops for people moving away from homelessness in Brighton & Hove

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 14 April 2023

In October 2021, the Social Connections project (SCP) received a grant from Brighton and Hove CC, the grant was intended to support people moving away from homelessness to reconnect with their communities after the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant allowed Justlife to employ, our SCP Activities Coordinator, Naomi.

We consulted with people involved with the SCP and asked them what types of activities and workshops they wanted us to organise for them in 2022. Over the past year, we provided various well-being, creative and skills-based workshops including a cookery workshop tailored for people living in temporary accommodation, and songwriting workshops that ended with participants recording a song.

SCP people have alsobeen able to go on trips to local places of interest such as Seven Sisters or the historic market town of Lewes, and connect with the arts and culture through trips to the theatre and seeing Coldplay at Wembley.

As we were moving into a new year, we wanted to get feedback from SCP people on the impact the project is having overall, inclusive of the befriending scheme and peer support group, and whether the project met their expectations. We also consulted on what sort of activities and workshops SCP people wanted to get involved in the future.

To do this, we organised a second feedback event, where people could go around various themed tables - hosted by SCP volunteers or Justlife staff - and offer their feedback about the project and share their activities and workshop ideas to create a roadmap for the future. The following diagrams compile people's feedback and activities and workshop ideas and include SCP people's well-being ideas.

In this document, we have also compiled ideas gathered from feedback forms completed by SCP people in July/August 2022.