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Justlife's Strategic Plan 2022-2025: Making people’s experience of temporary accommodation short, safe and healthy

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Simon, CEO of Justlife
  • On 04 August 2022

Justlife is excited to present their new 3 year strategic plan as we work towards our vision making people’s experience of temporary accommodation short, safe and healthy.

At Justlife we know thousands of people struggle to manage in poor and unsuitable temporary accommodation and we are passionate about making this experience short, safe and healthy.

We haven’t focussed on growth for growth’s sake but have seen our work and impact grow steadily and organically. We have continued to have a national impact whilst also remaining focussed on why we exist and operating within our values.

This plan outlines our desire to continue to grow because of the ever growing need to raise awareness and bring about systemic change in the temporary accommodation sector as well as knowing there are many more people right now who need support.

I am very pleased to launch the Justlife strategic plan for the next 3 years. We have been developing our new strategy over the last 18 months, with lots of thought, conversation, listening and refining, and I feel we have created something that is meaningful and exciting. I hope that you, as our friends and partners, will also find it an inspiring read. As an organisation we are looking forward to delivering this plan and to doing so in partnership with many people with lived experience of temporary accommodation, charities, local authorities and many more

Simon Gale, CEO of Justlife