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Volunteer Week 2021: Get to know Justlife’s Social Connection Volunteers

  • 3 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 June 2021

This Volunteer’s Week we’d like to celebrate the amazing work of our Social Connection volunteers by introducing you to some of the people behind the project.

Social Connection is a befriending project that matches a volunteer with someone moving away from homelessness to help them make new friends, connect with their community, and do an activity of their choice.

Our volunteers are the driving force of this project, so we’d like to say thank you to all Justlife volunteers past and present, you’ve made a huge difference to the lives of our beneficiaries.


“I was keen to become a Social Connection volunteer as I wanted to help someone who had experienced homelessness and put the free time I have to good use.

I enjoy the fact that you can make a positive difference to someone’s day just by talking to them. By being a listening ear and having regular contact with your beneficiary you can support and encourage their interests. Whether it’s just having a coffee or a walk, as a volunteer you feel like you are making a difference.

I am relatively new to Justlife, however I really like the fact that by talking about something important to them, beneficiaries come alive and put aside their troubles just for a moment. Whatever the subject it can really spark enthusiasm and you can see the positive reaction in the beneficiary straight away. I am very honoured to be part of the Social Connection Project and contribute to my beneficiary’s health and wellbeing.”


“I find volunteering with Justlife so rewarding. I meet with my mentee every week and we have a lot of fun going out for coffee or hunting for bargains in a charity shop. It takes up very little of my time but I come away feeling I have made a difference to her week.”


“My involvement in the Social Connection Project at Justlife has been so rewarding. Chatting about all and sundry to someone new has given me a greater insight into how life can be for other people, and I sincerely hope they have got pleasure from chatting in the same way as I have. Hopefully a reciprocal positive experience.”


''I believe that social connections are key for everybody's wellbeing. Even just a little gesture such as giving some of my time to socialise can have a significant impact on someone who is struggling and it can be very rewarding."


“As a trainee counsellor I was looking for some experience in working with people but the Social Connection Project now means so much more than that to me. I think that the simple act of befriending someone is so powerful and while I am still in the early days of getting to know my beneficiary, getting to know them has been such a wonderful experience and something I look forward to every week.

The support I've received from Si at Justlife has also been immeasurable, at no point have I felt that I've been thrown in the deep end as he is always there to provide advice. The Social Connection Project recognises the humanity and individuality of every person and that is something that really resonates with me.”

If you're interested in giving your time to people affected by homelessness, please get in touch! As a Justlife volunteer, you'll get to leave a lasting positive impact on your local community.