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Justlife receives minibus to reach hidden homeless communities across Greater Manchester

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 18 May 2021

This minibus, donated by Edward Holt Trust, will enable Justlife to take their successful housing, health and wellbeing support to the doorsteps of people living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation across Greater Manchester.

Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (UTA), considered the last housing option before rough sleeping, is where homeless individuals find themselves stuck while trying to navigate the difficult journey of finding more suitable, stable and secure housing. Without support, many are at risk of falling into street homelessness, and can struggle to access and engage with support services.

The minibus, kitted out with a table and chairs, kitchen facilities and a toilet, will help Justlife reach those who may not feel confident enough to come to drop-in support sessions at Justlife’s centre in Openshaw.

Edward Holt Trust is a charity that funds a number of homelessness projects in Greater Manchester, alongside providing accommodation for older people with limited means at Holt House in Didsbury.

My Great Uncle, Sir Edward Holt who ran the Joseph Holt Brewery would have been proud of this initiative for as a Trust we are always looking for innovative projects that can have a real impact on people who are homeless and the proposal from Justlife was just such a project.

Richard Kershaw, Chair of Trustees at Edward Holt Trust

Each week, Justlife will set up their gazebo and minibus at UTA across Greater Manchester, where residents can access food, drinks and advice to troubleshoot any housing or wellbeing issues they have. Residents will also be able to book confidential chats with a support worker in the minibus.

Justlife is so grateful for the support that we have received from Edward Holt Trust. Taking time to understand our work and plans to make our service more mobile, they have worked closely with us to design a multi-purpose vehicle, purchase it for £40,000 and oversee its modifications whilst providing further funding for our outreach worker.We are really looking forward to beginning our 'pop-up drop-ins' across Greater Manchester and the minibus generously provided by the Edward Holt Trust will be a crucial part of these.

Ruth Cox, Justlife’s Operations Manager

Through this outreach, Justlife hopes to build trust with people experiencing homelessness, help them feel comfortable with engaging in the longer-term support Justlife offers, and catch those who often slip through the cracks of the homelessness support system.