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Volunteers supporting isolated homeless people during COVID-19 in Brighton & Hove

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 July 2020

We are excited to say we have partnered with Sussex Nightstop and launched the Check-in and Chat Project. The project is helping to address isolation during COVID-19 for people who are experiencing homelessness. Check-in and Chat volunteers are forming short term relationships over 3 to 6 months with individuals based around regular telephone calls, providing a listening ear, a friendly chat and a vital check-in.

Project Coordinator Lucy Trott, Justlife, commented:

“It has been an incredibly isolating experience for people with no real place to call home, staying in emergency and temporary accommodation, often with underlying health conditions that have meant long periods of isolation”

So far 7 volunteers and 13 beneficiaries have begun to see positive relationships being built.

One beneficiary commented:

“It’s wonderful just being able to have a ‘normal’ chat with someone and not have to worry about wasting their time because they have volunteered to ring you!”

Of course, loneliness has a devastating impact on people’s physical and mental health at any time and the project will continue to support people in the post lock down world – generating more social connections including the development of face to face meet ups to help people engage with their communities once it is safe to do so. The project is looking to have over 40 volunteer/beneficiary matches by the end of the year and become part of the exciting new Social Connection Project.

Justlife Chief Executive Simon Gale, commented:

“We couldn’t just stop our support for a really vulnerable group in society, the hidden homeless and those in emergency and temporary accommodation, the way the team have been agile has been amazing and partnering with Sussex Nightstop and their CEO Alison Marino has been great, we are more effective together”

If anyone would like to volunteer, or may benefit from the project, please contact Lucy at or call 0300 123 1550 for more information.