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Why Values Matter: People Before Programmes

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 March 2018
Gary Bishop writes.....I want to work in a team that respects me, with colleagues who trust me, in an environment that nurtures me and for a cause that motivates me. Culture is everything, who I get to work with and the spirit in which we work is more important to me than what we do or produce. I have the privilege of working in roles which fulfil all of these things but it doesn't happen by chance, culture is set through our values which are designed, formed, implemented and re-inforced with every interaction you have as a leader.At Justlife we have 3 values and the first one is People before Programmes. It sounds so obvious but over time organisations can often become so fixated with the repetition of their core activities that they loose sight of what and who those activities were designed for. We want to be an organisation which always listens to our people, whether they are service users or staff and makes their well-being an absolute priority, this means sometimes programmes have to wait or be curtailed, changed or stopped altogether in order to respond to the needs of our people.The impact of this value is that our staff feel valued and supported in their work which means we have really good staff retention levels and people want to come and work for us - not because we pay the highest (we don't) but because we do our best to let every team member know that we appreciate and value them. Another benefit is that the programmes which we do deliver are constantly reviewed and evaluated so they are effective and empowering for service users in ways which they need rather than ways that we prescribe. At Justlife people come first - that's the way we do it.