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The Worker and the Swan

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 10 May 2018
Health Engagement Workers, Sara Emerson writes…..When it feels like your life is falling apart, all you really want is someone to tell you 'it will be alright', right?Well, so much of the time saying that sentence and meaning it is our role as support workers. Straight faced, reassuringly calm we let clients know that all is not lost. We have to believe it, even if they don't and even if we feel unsure of ourselves there is always a light to be found. We as workers might flap around panicky with paperwork that piles up, emails, phone calls and case conferences all buzzing around in the office, however when with those in need we sit calm and centered listening to how they feel about what's going on around them. The things we support with are issues such as losing tenancies, terminal diagnosis', loss of family members or removal of children. These are life changing, heartbreaking things. When people have so much of an emotional burden to bear we work in the background to try and make the practical stuff more manageable. I often think of us like swans. Flapping on the inside and calmly (I like to think elegantly) facing situations alongside those that are hurting as if it was the most natural thing ever. "Without you and your organisation I don't know where I'd be, I'd be lost" - Justlife Client