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Not Home by Sarah Butler and Stephen King

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 05 December 2018
A story several years in the making, ‘Not Home’, written by Sarah Butler with photography by Stephen King, was recently released at our official book launch and 10th Anniversary celebrations on 17 November at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. This fantastic novella is based on the experiences of residents in unsupported temporary accommodation in Manchester. Not Home sits alongside a companion text, also named 'Not Home'. The first is a novella, and its counterpart is a series of true-life stories with accompanying portraits taken by photographer Stephen King.Stephen put much care and thought into how each person is presented in their photo in order for it to say something about their character, and this beautiful photography was wholly produced in partnership with the people in the photos. Sarah spent a lot of time with residents at our drop-ins, where she heard many stories that informed the book.You can download the whole book or read it online, so please have a look and pass it on!