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Photography contest

MYBRIGHTON & HOVE Photography Contest

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 25 July 2018
Last month 100 single use cameras were given out to individuals who have current or lived experience of homelessness to take photos in and around the city as part of the photography competition MYBRIGHTON & HOVE. The competition will finish with the winning photographs being featured in a 2019 calendar that will be sold across the city.The aim of MYBRIGHTON & HOVE is not to focus on the experience of homelessness but for people to capture moments and images of what they love in Brighton and Hove. The goal is to empower people with skills and confidence in photography and eventually to even earn money through the sale of the MYBRIGHTON & HOVE Calendar.15 artists from the Justlife Creative Studio joined in the competition and over 3,000 photos were submitted anonymously to the judging panel; a mixture of photography experts and people who have experience of homelessness.Five photos from the Justlife Studio artists were shortlisted to the top 20 and are now on display at Onca for the public to vote on which 13 photographs make it into a calendar. This calendar will be available to the artists to sell and keep a percentage of the profit for themselves.All the photos will also be available to be purchased via their kickstarter campaign launching 15 August together with the calendar and a percentage of the sale proceeds from photos will go back to the photographer. Vote for your favourite! The photos are currently on display at Onca Gallery until Sunday 29 July (gallery open 12pm-4pm) so do come down, take a look at the photos and vote for your favourite!