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Introducing Frontline Stories!

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 13 June 2018
Justlife and the Brighton & Hove Frontline Network have embarked on a new journey to share stories direct from the frontline of homelessness work in our city.Starting today with a short film and a podcast series coming soon, Frontline Stories will explore the day to day experiences of frontline workers with a focus on resilience, collaboration, compassion and optimism through the stories told by the frontline workers themselves.We really hope that Frontline Stories can encourage more open dialogue about frontline homelessness work in Brighton & Hove and beyond - we hope that by sharing our stories online those not working on the frontline can get a better feeling for what it’s actually like to be a frontline worker.So, without further ado!Here’s our first effort, co-produced by Ed Hamilton (Sustainable Content) and Joe Baldock (Justlife), starring some fantastic frontline workers.Please enjoy and share with your colleagues, friends and family on all your favourite social media places using the hashtag #frontlinestories[embed][/embed]This video was produced for the Brighton & Hove Frontline Network facilitated by Justlife and was made possible with the support of St Martin’s Frontline Network.