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Into Art at our new creative studio!

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 29 March 2018
In February we opened up our new Justlife Creative Studio in Brighton’s Open Market. The studio is for anyone that has experienced homelessness to create art and explore creativity. We launched with a five week ‘Into Art’ course where each week we explored the techniques of a different artist and then experimented with these techniques to create a wonderful collection of work (see below!).We had a great response to this first series of workshops and partner agencies are now beginning to refer artists too. We celebrated our work with a launch event on 17th March where the artists exhibited their work and members of the public could visit the space, check out photos of the event here.

What’s Next For The Studio

Peer led workshops including creative writing, card making and water colours.

Studio Time - free time for artists to come together and practise their own artworkPhotography workshop - 6 weeks experimenting creatively with photography Open House Exhibition - throughout May we will be exhibiting a range of artists’ work through the Brighton Open House Festival - watch this space for more details.If you are an artist who would like to run workshops or be a part of the arts community get in touch with Amy.