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Warm Justlife Welcome to Rachel

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 26 May 2017
We are really excited to have added a new member, Rachel, to our team at Justlife. She will work alongside Christa Maciver, the Strategic Lead of the Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit, in order to help drive systems change for the hidden homeless in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation. Here's a little bit about her:Hello, I am Rachel Yates, I have joined the Justlife team as a Unit Project Officer supporting the Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit.I studied Business and Management at Leeds Metropolitan University and Social Research at The University of York. I have worked in various business support, marketing and research roles across a variety of industries. Most relevant being my role in helping unemployed people in St Helens access support, training and job opportunities to help them progress. I have a passion for research and helping people and feel I can utilise both at Justlife.I enjoy spending time in the garden, going on walks and taking my daughter to the park. I hope to buy a bike soon so I can add family bike rides to this list! I help to train Guide Dog puppies for the blind by boarding them for a year and teaching them basic commands ready for their intensive training. I also used to be a keen knitter and runner, which are hobbies that have got away from me since having my daughter; I hope to take these back up again soon.I am very excited to join the Justlife team and hope my work here will generate valuable research in order to make changes to policy and practice to help those living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation.