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Justlife Arts Collective

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 30 May 2017
Justlife is about to launch an exciting new venture for local artists in Brighton and Hove! The Justlife Arts Collective is made up of artists who are homeless and those who want to make art as part of a supportive community, centred around those experiencing homelessness. It’s hard for homeless artists to find affordable space, time and money to practice their art, as well as having opportunities to sell their work and build networks. Through The Werks Group The Collective and Justlife have managed to secure a small temporary studio space in Hove.The Collective and studio will be artist-led, used and run by the artists, with support from Justlife. The group already have lots of ideas for potential projects such as exhibitions, workshops, residencies and mentoring.This week The Collective will be meeting for the second time at Onca Gallery, we have the keys to the studio and are having a painting party to create the perfect blank canvas! We are really looking forward to seeing how this develops over the next few months and hope to establish The Collective and studio as a permanent feature in the city.