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“It’s been absolutely brilliant!”

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 19 May 2017
Conditions for people living rough are incredibly challenging and many people have complex needs that often need addressing, as well as their lack of accommodation. It is rare that just one support service or agency would be able to meet all of these needs, and that it why Justlife is so keen on collaboration. We are also very aware that in order for someone to move forward and make positive, healthy life choices we need to address the whole person’s needs - not just their lack of a home.Justlife recently began working with a man who had been sleeping rough under Brighton Pier and placed into local emergency accommodation. He was very isolated, suicidal at times and had no regular access to food or laundry facilities.One of the first things that Justlife did when we started working with this client was to buy him a TV! This may seem surprising, however this had a dramatic impact on his mental health and wellbeing. We also supported him with a Pavilions referral so that he could receive an assessment and acupuncture. We also connected with the local food bank so he could receive food parcels.As well as addressing these immediate needs we supported him with an assessment and interview with Safe Haven Sussex, which is a brand new not-for-profit organisation that provides accommodation for individuals in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas. They have a ‘Move-On’ strategy which aims to help people transition from temporary accommodation into a private rented property.Our client was fortunate enough to gain a place with Safe Haven Sussex and is now living in a house with three others, with access to a support worker, food bank, laundry room, garden and a fully equipped kitchen. He has received a free bus pass and is also attending life skills workshops. He is aiming to move into private accommodation in the next two years. When asked about his experiences with Justlife our client said: “It’s been absolutely Brilliant, Thanks so much, I still can’t believe it”.“It is so exciting to collaborate with Safe Haven Sussex, such projects are really needed in Brighton & Hove” said Operations Manager Simon Gale. He went on to say “We are not the solution to homelessness by a long shot, but together with other charities, statutory services, politicians and members of the public, all working together - we can make a real difference”