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  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 07 April 2017

....The Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit.

There are a lot of pretty amazing things happening at Justlife these days. We have the Brighton 10K and marathon taking place this weekend (which you can find more about here - it's never too late to donate!), and are getting geared up for that. But we also have the launch of a new project at Justlife, the Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit - the innovation and systems change arm of Justlife!The Unit was developed from the vital research conducted by Justlife and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) North into how unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) affected the health and wellbeing of its residents, the final report of which was published in December 2016. This report and all our previous research served as the catalyst for the Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit, whose aim is to drive change within the homelessness and housing system for the hidden homeless stuck in UTA.The Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit will focus on systemic change at the local, organisational and national level. Creating local environments for change through setting up a national network of temporary accommodation boards and also learning through these collaborations to inform national strategic an policy change. The Unit will also continue working with partners to carry out further research to raise the profile of the still very hidden and ignored issue of homelessness in unsupported temporary accommodation.Christa Maciver, who has worked both as a project worker for Justlife and on our previous research project, is the head of the Unit and we are are looking to add an additional member to her team. The position of Unit Project Officer is live and you can find the application online here.Please have a look at our new project page (bearing in mind it will continue to grow and be shaped alongside the Unsupported Temporary Accommodation Unit) and feel free to contact Christa with any interest or questions.Christa Maciver: