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Justlife Manchester gave us their thoughts on #JustlifeinParliament

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 08 December 2016
Living in unsupported temporary accommodation makes residents feel out of control and thinking that nothing will ever change. They often feel as though no one cares and that they've just been forgotten. It is for this reason that we are heading to parliament to talk to MPs, funders, policy makers and supporters about why change needs to happen, but what do the residents think? Do residents think change can be made? This morning we've been talking to everyone to discover what their thoughts are on this upcoming event.There were a mix of emotions. One resident said 'Yes! I do think it will make a difference. The accumulated affects of people sticking together can make change.' Others felt the main change that needed to happen was just to fix up the accommodation, making them nicer and if not that they simply needed to be pulled down. Some residents are still badly affected now, with leaks in their rooms that aren't being fixed as the weather is worsening. Even though many think this upcoming event is good, they are more dubious about whether anything will actually change.Understandably it is difficult to believe in change when it feels as though nothing has happened previously. It's easy to lose hope. Some residents do hope for and believe in change. Those who have moved on are more positive, but those stuck in the accommodation are not so sure. However, Justlife does believe a difference can be made for people living in unsupported temporary accommodation and we will be speaking about how we can do this on Monday.Help us to make a difference by joining our campaign and encouraging your area to address the challenge of unsupported temporary accommodation. #hiddenhomelessnessnomore#JustlifeInParliament