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Justlife Brighton thinking about #JustlifeinParliament

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 09 December 2016
The event in parliament is almost upon us. We are looking forward to sharing our research and experiences with a room full of people who could make a difference in the lives of the hidden homeless living in unsupported temporary accommodation. Yesterday, we shared what Justlife Manchester was thinking about the upcoming event in parliament. The sentiments ranged from positivity to uncertainty. Today, Justlife Brighton have been telling us how they feel about Justlife going to parliament, and whether or not they felt change could be on it's way, or if it is even possible.The feelings in Brighton were similar to Manchester. Most of the residents we spoke to felt as though taking their experiences and stories to a place where people have the power to make change was positive. Some of the things said they said included, 'It's great to get our voices heard' and 'It's important that changes get made to the system at government level.' However, alongside these positive sentiments was a suspicion that nothing would ever change, even though their voices and stories would be heard. Promises have been made before, but things have not necessarily improved.

Justlife believes that change really is possible for residents of unsupported temporary accommodation. The parliamentary event whilst vital is really just the start. Join our campaign. Initiate change in your area, and lives will be changed. For more information contact Christa Maciver:

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