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Homelessness Reduction: Service Users in Manchester Lobby MPs

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 27 October 2016
The second reading of the Homelessness Reduction Bill, tabled by conservative MP Bob Blackman, will be read in parliament tomorrow on October 28th. According to the government, this bill aims to reduce homelessness by improving effective services within local authorities for vulnerable people. The increased visibility of street homelessness in Manchester and the current experience of hidden homelessness of our service users means the reduction of homelessness is an ongoing conversation with both service users an staff at our Manchester centre. In our drop in on Monday, homeless individuals living in unsupported temporary accommodation wrote to their MPs, telling them about their experiences of homelessness and why they felt it was important for their MPs to turn up to this reading. Many asked that their MP, ‘Please go’ and that they hoped this would make a difference. One wrote:"I’ve been homeless and I’ve seen terrible guesthouses and B&Bs for homeless....I came to Justlife, where I volunteer and they told me about the Homelessness Reduction Bill this morning, after I saw 10 homeless people on my way in. I was homeless like that once and it is hard. I think this bill is really important and you should go to the reading on October 28th. It doesn’t feel like much is happening to help, but this bill might. Or I hope so."We are looking forward to seeing what happens, if this bill continues its journey through parliament and how it might change homelessness in the future.There is still time for you to contact your MP to support this Bill before tomorrow. More information can be found here at Homeless Link’s website or here at parliament’s website.