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Your Vote Matters

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 30 March 2015
Justlife has been awarded a small bursary as part of the Homeless Link: Your Vote Matters campaign; to get homeless and vulnerable adults registered to vote and ready to have their say in the upcoming general election.

In order to break the pattern of political exclusion, dissilusionment and under-representation, we must educate people about the importance of exercising their right to vote and the real changes that they can make. Your Vote Matters has been launched with this aim in mind.

The benefits of voting are wide-reaching, not just for individuals, but also for homelessness services and housing associations. Voting encourages politicians to take notice and is the most effective way individuals can have their say on important issues. For example, hostel residents could have an influence on the way their service is funded.

Christa Maciver, project worker at Justlife Manchester, is acting as the "Election Champion" over the coming weeks. As well as preparing relevant and engaging resources for our service users, Christa will be starting conversations in the daily drop-ins about the election, helping people to register online and informing people about the election and political parties and candidates. Attendees of our popular IT workshops are also being given the opportunity to register to vote in the sessions. We don't only want to inform and register, but we want to inspire our service users to make best use of their voice. A trip to the People's History Museum in Manchester will show our service users what has been achieved by the voice of the people in that past... and show them what is possible!

We are really excited about empowering our service users to have their say.

EXTRA BENEFITS... Registering to be on the electoral register is, in itself, beneficial even if this does not lead to action at the ballot box. Being on the electoral register is one of the key checks that are made in any application for personal credit – for example, for a credit card or a mobile phone contract. Being registered makes other areas of life easier to manage.

To find out more about the Homeless Link, Your Vote Matters campaign - click here.