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What's happening with housing...

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 18 August 2015
In Manchester, we have been housing single homeless people in the private rented sector (PRS) since April 2012. In the most recent financial year: April 2014 - March 2015, Justlife at Home has housed 18 single homeless adults in the PRS. 15 of these people are successfully sustaining their tenancies. Since the project started, we have housed 61 people in their own PRS home, 88% of whom have sustained their tenancies beyond 6 months. Many of those who we have housed have been excluded from registered provider or supported accommodation due to ASBOs, rent arrears and other issues, so we have been delighted that a private rented home - with some tailored tenancy support from Justlife, is working!Justlife at Home is well established within Manchester and highly regarded. We have partnered with 14 letting agents and 11 landlords to provide accommodation. 10 other organisations have made client referrals into the project.Recognising that private rented sector housing is not the most suitable option for all single homeless adults and with less support available - due to cuts, in September 2014 the Justlife at Home manager (Nigel Fyles) started a weekly housing drop-in. During the drop-in Nigel gives housing advice, makes referrals and helps people assess various housing options. In it's first 6 months of operation this key working around housing has helped 23 people move onto more stable accommodation and sustain tenancies in supported accommodation, with registered social landlords and in the private rented sector. A total of 37 people have received indepth housing advice and guidance helping them to begin to overcome barriers to better housing.