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Why do I run?

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 02 April 2015
Some of us run marathons to keep fit, some run for the challenge and some run to tick it off their bucket list. This year, Tom Jayston, project worker at Justlife is running the Brighton marathon for Justlife because..."... I simply want to help the homeless and vulnerably housed men and women in Brighton who were once upon a time in the same situation as me."Tom knows what it is like to be homeless, addicted, lonely and in a situation that many of our clients at Justlife find themselves in every day. Tom is an incredibly valued member of the Justlife team and his lived experience enables him to really connect with service users in a unique and positive way.He is passionate about helping the homeless and vulnerable and despite not being a runner, on 12th April 2015 he is donning his trainers and pounding the streets of Brighton to raise money for Justlife - to keep making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. He is running way outside his comfort zone because he knows that Justlife makes a difference to very real and desperate situations of vulnerable people in his own city.This short video about Tom "The Drug I've Always Wanted" provides insight into what he has been through and his passion to make a difference to the life of others.If you would like to get behind Tom and sponsor him please visit by clicking here: