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The writing on the wall

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 06 January 2015
Can you read this? Well, not everyone can. According to the Literacy Trust 5% 16-65 year olds in the UK have a literacy level equivalent to someone aged 5-7, that's 1.1 million adults! Some of those people are service users at Justlife...To help tackle this, Justlife has started a basic literacy course. Liz, a volunteer at the Justlife Centre in Manchester, has been trained as a literacy champion by Eastlands Homes is running about to start a literacy course to tackle illiteracy with service users at Justlife.Liz has written the course herself, gathering suitable resources and tailoring the course to our clients. Today is launch day and the course will be starting with 3 clients who are keen to develop their skills and learn to be literate.Liz said: "We take reading and writing for granted all the time, it is so easy to forget how much of the world is cut off from you if you can't read and write, so I am looking forward to opening that world up to these people."