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Systems mapping in Brighton and Manchester

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 28 October 2015
At Justlife we want to continually work to improve our services and the wider system with which we work. We are not happy to 'cope' with something that is 'ok'... we believe that there are better ways of doing things and we can be a part of making the changes happenChrista, researcher and advocacy worker at Justlife, is in the middle of a specialised programme, training up frontline workers withe the skills and resources to make 'system change' happen. The 'Systems Changers' programme is giving Justlife the tools to look at service provision from a different perspective.Over the last month Christa has gathered the teams in both Brighton and Manchester, bringing people from every part of the organisation together, to join up insights of frontline workers, managers and other staff to in order to have insights of frontline workers to heard and enabling them to impact on service delivery. What does the system look like that we work in and does visualising this change how we work to make peoples’ stay in unsupported temporary accommodation as short, safe and healthy as possible?We are excited about the next steps in this process and putting findings into practice. System Changers is funded by LankellyChase Foundation