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Snapshot report 2: Single, homeless and out of control

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 20 July 2015
Why do single homeless tenants living in unsupported temporary accommodation feel out of control?Since 2013 Justlife has been talking with the hidden homeless, to find out what life is really like for them. These people are single homeless residents living in unsupported temporary accommodation [UTA], Commonly known as: B&Bs, private hostels and Houses of Multiple Occupance (HMOs). The number of people living in this accommodation type is not recorded in official statistics, but is estimated to be worryingly high. The number of statutory homeless households placed in B&Bs stood at 4,560 in October-December of 2014. The actual number living in UTA is likely to be five to ten times more than this.1This is the second in a series of publications that provide a snapshot of the findings from research conversations with single homeless residents of unsupported temporary accommodation.Here we are confronting the issue of control. Prior to commencement of this research, many issues within unsupported temporary accommodation were already apparent: poor management, appalling conditions, an endemic use of drugs and alcohol and high crime. However, we did not anticipate that almost all of the tenants would raise issues of control. 28 out of 33 participants said that they felt out of control in the first year of research and in the second year statistics are similarly high. Tenants feel out of control within the homelessness system, out of control within their accommodation and out of control of their lives.These discussions are a small part of a three-year research project, funded by LankellyChase, investigating the long term impact on health and wellbeing of single homeless households living in unsupported temporary accommodation.Download, the snapshot report here. Not Home: Why do single homeless tenants living in unsupported temporary accommodation feel out of control?