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Sharing expertise... in Blackburn

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 24 March 2015
An important aspect of our work at Justlife is supporting other organisations which share similar goals. Since one of our key objectives is to enable people to access healthcare, the opportunity to help a GP surgery engage with more unregistered patients seemed a perfect fit.At the start of this year, Justlife started to work with Bentham Road Health Centre, located in Blackburn, to develop a campaign to increase patient registration numbers. This follows our successful work with them in 2012 to introduce community oriented primary care.Justlife CEO Gary Bishop said 'Over the years Justlife has gained a lot of experience in reaching into communities which have poor engagement with health services I'm delighted that we have this opportunity to work with the excellent Bentham Road team helping them to shape what they do in order to better meet the needs of the local community.'
With A&E departments being stretched on a regular basis, it is vitally important that people get registered and use a GP as their primary healthcare in non-emergency situations. Our work with the health centre takes a strategic look at their reputation and position within the patient catchment area, motivates staff as to the importance of registering new patients and goes onto make and implement recommendations.Bentham Road Health Centre is part of Cornerstones Healthcare, a community interest company and group of health centres in Blackburn with a brilliant caring ethos.This piece of work is being led by Alex Rose, Head of Research and Development at Justlife. Income which I generated through this and other consultancy projects is used to support the charitable work of Justlife.