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Opening the dialogue at Manchester Homeless Conference

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 17 March 2015
Following nearly 18 months research and the publication of Not Home, a report about life in unsupported temporary accommodation (B&Bs), last week Justlife and IPPR North presented at the Manchester Homeless Conference and started the conversation amongst professionals in the sector asking: What can be done? Who is responsible? What needs to change?This was the first of four planned forums for discussions about the research and moving forward, including in: the North East, South East and North West. Watch this space for more details.The 4th annual Homeless Conference to be held in Manchester brought together the public and voluntary sector working to support the homeless population of Manchester and included main sessions, workshops and an invaluable opportunity for networking.Bill Davies, IPPR North and Alex Rose, Justlife, led a session about the unsupported temporary accommodation; locally known as the B&Bs, in Greater Manchester. The workshop presented the research findings, talked through the experiences and often grim realities for those living in the B&Bs and gave a local and national picture of the situation.As well as looking at the findings – we used the opportunity to get input and opinion from other professionals. A chunk of time was devoted to a lively discussion asking: What can we do about the conditions? And, who is responsible for single homeless households living in B&B accommodation?These discussions, along with the research, extensive input from residents of the B&Bs and further investigations will input into our recommendations at both policy and practice levels - to improve the lives of the single homeless and too often hidden households living in unsupported temporary accommodation.To join the conversation please contact Alex Rose at Justlife.Here are some of those stats about life in UTA:quick statsTo read the report in full, please click here.