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Moving and Shaking in Justlife Manchester

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 02 June 2015
Justlife Manchester is going through some exciting changes in the staff team this spring with the addition of a new role as well as shifting roles for others.Christa Maciver, who has worked as a project worker for the past 18 months, has moved into the new role of Advocate and Researcher. In this position, Christa will be running an advocacy drop-in two days a week in order to provide specialised and in-depth support to Justlife service users. Alongside this, Christa will be working with Alex Rose, Head of Research and Development, on the Just Thinking research project.Christa’s experience of working at the coalface everyday and journeying with service users will bring a fresh perspective on the research and useful knowledge about how systems and processes are working for the hidden homeless. With research and policy experience from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in this area, Christa is ideally suited to this role.The changes in Christa’s responsibilities have created opportunities for shifts in other staff roles. Sarah Todd, Admin Officer and IT for Jobs Tutor, will now add to her title, Project Worker. She will be running the drop-in service in Manchester while both she and Hannah Radcliffe, Justlife’s Women’s worker, will carry on responsibility for project work.We are excited about these changes and how they will strengthen the service Justlife provides and the impact that Justlife is able to make with individuals and in the wider sector, as it aims to support the hidden homeless in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation.