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Making our mark in the history books...

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 28 July 2015
History will not forget us now! Last week, Justlife services users in Brighton got to make their mark on history - recording their experiences for our children and generations after that.We took a trip to 'Keep'. 'Keep' is an archive in Brighton, containing many wonderful things including a mass observation archive, where every day people can write their experiences and these are then kept for future generations to look at and use, enabling them to understand what daily life was like for those who wrote their experiences.Suzanne, our guide at 'Keep', provided archives relating to the war, feminism, mental health in Brighton and day to day life in Brighton. The service users who attended the trip found the experience fascinating and are keen to return and bring others along. It is brilliant to be part something bigger; we are enabling people to become a part of history!The group are excited as they have been provided templates for people write their own experiences for the archive. This is a real opportunity for service users to express their experience of homelessness, but also to focus on the positive and present some of their other experiences, talents, happy memories and thoughts.