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Justlife features in magazine

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 24 November 2015
On a corner of the Wiston Estate in Washington (near Brighton), you’ll find vulnerable people growing fresh produce within a six acre market garden.For those who attend the site, Roots to Growth is a sanctuary from their everyday life and offers a chance for inspiration and transformation. Roots to Growth is a highlight of the Justlife week, a sanctuary from hard lives of homelessness and an opportunity to make friends, build skills and work hard."All About Horsham" magazine spoke to Tom, Ashley, Omar and Phil from Justlife - who all visit the site on a weekly basis.In the article, Ashley said: "I was drug user but then found this place and something clicked in my head. I didn't feel the need to be on drugs any more, and as I speak I’ve been clean for 25 days. I’m sofa surfing as I'm homeless, which makes it very difficult to find work. But at Roots to Growth I'm always busy and I like it that way. Everyone knows with me, it is always go, go, go, from the moment I arrive. That way, I can walk away satisfied, having done a good day’s work.To read the article in full, click here, and view pages 34-38.