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Just Thinking About Change

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 29 May 2015
This spring Justlife is gathering practitioners, decision makers, services and tenants to discuss policy and practice recommendations for improving Unsupported Temporary Accommodation. These conversations are part of the Just Thinking research project on the hidden homeless. Roundtable events have been held in the North East and North West with the final event organised for the South West next week. The aim of these forums is to present our research findings so far, relay the urgency of the issue and to gather expert opinion and voices from across the country to inform both policy and practice. The first event was held in the North East and was organised alongside North East Homelessness Think Tank (NEHTT) and Northumbria University. 50 people attended and contributed to in depth conversations about regulations and how systems and services can better support the hidden homeless in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation. The Manchester event brought together three local authorities, Manchester, Trafford and Blackburn, as well as the local law enforcement, academics, health services and other homelessness services. The narrative was strengthened by the voices of two services users who attended to lend their experiences to inform best policy and practice for those experiencing hidden homelessness. We are looking forward to the roundtable event in Brighton next week which we anticipate to be just as thought provoking and engaging. Local authorities and practitioners from across the South East and coastal towns will come together to discuss further how we can influence change in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation. Through the research project, Justlife is having an impact not only on the health and wellbeing of individuals in Manchester and Brighton, but is also working towards changing the landscape on a local and national level to improve life for the hidden homeless.We would like to thank IPPR (North), Homeless Link, and local MPs for their support of these events and our research project. For further information on Just Thinking click here.