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"I feel more confident"... Voices in Manchester

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 03 August 2015
Over the past few days at Justlife Manchester, we have been gathering feedback from service users who have attended trips, participated in workshops and completed courses. We have been overwhelmed by the encouraging feedback and it is exciting to have the facts and figures about how people have benefitted. 96% of participants tried something new and 74% learnt a new skill. Many people feel happier, more confident, healthier and more hopeful.This is what people had to say:'I enjoy every minute of them. They build my confidence.''I’ve enjoyed Gardening and Art, plus going on trips and the staff are very helpful.''I need to smoke too much but when I attend workshops I don’t even think about it.''Unbelievable trips- Good to see a service has quality trips''Enjoyed the workshops – they allowed me to do something positive with my time – otherwise I would be doing something negative.''I have found JobClub and IT helpful and the staff have given me lots of help.''When Justlife is closed I am not sure what to do and I am going through a hard time right now.'‘I always know even when I am down, there’s something I can do to at Justlife to lift me up.’‘If I didn’t have this place, I know I’d be on drugs still, all the staff have been so helpful.’‘Justlife trips are always a place where I can just be me with good company.’‘Because of the trips, I feel more confident to use the centre and ask for more help.’‘I feel so good when I am on a trip or even in Justlife, I just need to do it more.’‘I enjoyed doing IT for Jobs, I’d love to further my skills on computers’