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Guard, Seabass, and Bullhead...

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 23 September 2015
This week we held the "Fishing Club's" final sea trip of the summer.8 service users came along and we had a fantastic time - dodging the violent rainstorms did not dampen spirits and our pursuit of FISH. On our previous trips we have caught but one lowly gurnard. Today we trebled the overall count with a seabass and a bullheadIt was brilliant to see the group working as a team, with the more experienced fishermen supporting the less experienced, helping them to tie rigs, load hooks with the correct bait, teach casting and striking, and all manner of other techniques. It is a great opportunity to enable folk to get alongside and support each other and a much needed break from what can be an extremely difficult life in Brighton's unsupported temporary accommodation.A delicious picnic was supplied by our partner, Equinox, and the overall consensus was that it was a superb mornings fishing.There was a great community spirit and a real sense of both recovery and togetherness. We are planning to continue Fishing Club into the winter, but move away from the blustery shores to the still lakes.