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Green Fingers

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 04 December 2015
Do you ever wonder who keeps local parks looking beautiful? Over the past 6 weeks a group from Justlife Manchester have been working with ‘One Green World’ to improve Delamere Park.Tasked with planting up some overgrown and poorly maintained beds in the park, the group have worked hard over the past 6 weeks. Originally the project was for 3 weeks, but due to success and popularity of the project amongst Justlife members, we continued to work in the park. As well as getting a lot of fresh air, the team have learnt horticulture skills and been able to build relationships with one another.The team received training around planting up a large bed and ‘One Green World’ helped the group to design a scheme that would suit the area, which they completed last week.This is what some of the people who took part had to say:“I like being out in the fresh air. I would rather work than sit at home getting depressed.”“I have enjoyed learning new skills, meeting new people and being out in the fresh air.”“ I feel that I am going back to my community a little bit.”“When the weather’s nice, it’s alright; I am not a gardener but I always felt I could join in.”