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2015 03 06 step towards article 02

Another step towards securing a job ... and a secure future

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 06 March 2015
Justlife’s Manchester centre holds a weekly Job Club for our service users, providing training and skills for them to land a job and keep hold of it. We have looked at the gaps in our service and the needs of the Jobclub attendees and are in the process of launching some new workshops: Confidence Building and Interview Techniques.Getting it right at the interview stage is hard. An article on Facebook lists 50 reasons why people fail at the job interview stage and they can be as subtle but simple as wearing too much perfume, chewing gum or arriving too early. So it is important that we help people overcome these hurdles.This new workshop will start on 23rd March and each service user who wants to take part will have two intensive sessions, with the aim of building their self-confidence, something that is essential when explaining why you should be given the job.It will also provide service users with the opportunity to practice their interview skills, something that many would have never experienced before. This will help keeps nerves under control when it comes to the real thing, and also allows them to build an understanding of what to expect.By providing service users with the opportunity to take part in these sessions, we believe it will give them the confidence and determination to realise that they are deserving of a job opportunity, and allow them to take yet another step forward with their lives.