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"Today, if I work and feel very well, it is because Justlife worked for me."

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 13 October 2014
Last week it was great to here from Connie*, a former client at Justlife Manchester. She emailed to let us know that she had moved house and is working and doing really well. This is what she had to say about her journey with Justlife..."I moved from Cardiff to Manchester for work, but when I arrived there was no work available, I ended up staying with a friend in her accommodation on a temporary basis. I needed a job, a home and a doctor to support me with my health conditions.The Jobcentre told me about Justlife, so I came up to the centre to look for work, but after chatting to the workers I found out that they can help me with so much more. One of the best things about Justlife is that everyone is welcome... there are no conditions to get support. Let me tell you about 2013.Firstly, Justlife helped me with my main problem… finding a home. Nigel helped me search for property and found a house that I could share with another lady on a nice street. He helped us get furniture and with other things in setting up a home. After this start, after 7 or 8 months, I then moved on to another property near some friends.I regularly came to the Jobclub on a Monday and this was very helpful in searching for work and training, preparing for interviews and writing applications. The staff helped me build my confidence a lot and improve my English. They helped me sort out my CV and I learnt to make good job applications.The nurse was also very helpful in dealing with some problems that I had. She also helped me with the administrative process of registering with the doctor and sorting out. She is really nice and good to talk to.Justlife is the place that let me find my smile in Manchester. They gave me many opportunities to relax with doing yoga, visiting museums and go to the theatre, participate in different and several fun activities; for example, I went there for painting, pottery, craft, gardening and to watch a nice DVD. One day, we went for a trip by boat through a canal, in a side of Manchester. I had a great time and in all these activities made some good friends. All of the people at Justlife were so nice and I was in very goods hands. I sometimes I used to joke saying that Justlife was my church! I appreciate all they did for me.Today, if I work and feel very well, it is because Justlife worked for me."* Name changed to protect confidentiality. Stock image used.