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Therapy and pampering for the Justlife ladies

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 24 April 2014
photo 1-4This week the women's group at Justlife welcomed Santina, a makeup artist and Rachel, a masseuse for a pampering session. The session was attended by 5 of our lovely ladies, and this is what two of them had to say about it:
"I really enjoyed the workshop. It gave me confidence to make an effort and start doing my own makeup. I enjoyed the pampering and I loved every minute. I felt that all the women were warm and chatty. I thought that the woman who gave me a massage was lovely and I would love for this to happen again.""On Tuesday at Justlife, our weekly women's group was a therapeutic one as we had makeup by Santina, a make-up artist and Hand massages by Rachel. I enjoyed both the make-up and hand massage as they were therapeutic and made me feel good about myself, chilled and stress free. Also, the candles and music set us all in the chilled out zone. I would definitely like to do this again and I would advise any of our lovely ladies to join us."